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Handstolearn Joy Mug by Seneca Ryan Co
JOY MUG || White Matte Script Mug
Handstolearn Joy Mug with Sheep Farm Felt Balls
JOY MUG || White Matte Script Mug

JOY MUG || White Matte Script Mug

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The Joy mug holds 12oz. of your favorite hot drink and features an elegant matte exterior and a white, high-gloss interior. I hope you'll use this mug to help you reflect on the part that Joy has played in your life, and begin to share it with your community.


We've never been promised that our lives would be easy or that our hard days would feel joyful. But we can consider it all joy, because of Christ. (James 1:2-3)

When I stop trying to be better and work harder for a chance at success, I’m left with nothing but to recognize that Christ called me as I am: a sinner. He loved me enough to bring me out of that state, and into His presence. There is an overwhelming freedom that that recognition brings, sitting in full acceptance of the Gospel.

David said, “in your presence there is fullness of joy.” That’s the real joy that will never be a result of our efforts. May this mug be a reminder for you to put down your trying, striving, and working, and rest in His presence - there is true joy.

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