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GRACE MUG || White Floral Marble Mug
GRACE MUG || White Floral Marble Mug
GRACE MUG || White Floral Marble Mug

GRACE MUG || White Floral Marble Mug

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13oz. white marbled stoneware mug. This mug is something to keep in front of us and fill with warmth to remind us that grace is free in Christ. We are free in Christ.


I’ve always been a Martha, a perfectionist busy-body. Even if I’m going to sit down to read my Bible, I have to first start the dishwasher or the laundry - so at least something is working. I’ve been processing that. Why am I afraid of rest? It makes me sit with my thoughts and I hear the lies I believe.
I was listening to Atlas: One by Sleeping At Last, and this section jumped out at me:
“the list goes on forever,
of all the ways I could be better, in my mind.
as if I could earn God’s favor given time,
or at least “congratulations”...

now, I have learned my lesson;
the price of this so-called perfection is everything.
I’ve spent my whole life searching desperately
to find out that grace requires nothing of me.”
That GOT me. I believed that if I weren’t creating enough, giving enough, being enough, I wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time. And it all had to be perfect, too. That’s e x h a u s t i n g.
When I stop listening to the lies in my head and turn to scripture, I hear the opposite. Not that I am so strong and wonderful on my own, but that Christ is my strength, Christ is my worth. Grace requires nothing of me.

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