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OFFPRINT || Invest at Home Handstolearn Logo Long Sleeve Tee
OFFPRINT || Invest at Home Handstolearn Logo Long Sleeve Tee

OFFPRINT || Invest at Home Handstolearn Logo Long Sleeve Tee

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Off print shirts have the design printed lower and more central than typical left chest. Still a cozy shirt for relaxing at home, and reminding you of truth!

The Invest at Home shirt, illustrated with the Handstolearn logo, is a reminder that growth begins right where we call home, and the work we invest here is the work we’re called to. God does not waste any season that you're in. It is important, and the hours we sow will bloom in time.

It's printed on the coziest long sleeve tee, in a faded brick red color. For reference, I've always worn a medium in this style of shirt, because I like them a little roomy. And 7 months pregnant, I'm still in a medium (it's just a little tighter!). Sizing chart in photos.


With a "waiting season" mentality, it’s really easy to feel like a failure when all you want to do is “arrive” and you just keep chasing that around the next big thing.
...Single and waiting to get married. In college and waiting for graduation. Married and waiting for kids. Having kids and waiting until they can start taking care of themselves. Renting and waiting to buy. Starting a business and waiting to “make it”. Working and waiting to retire. (Maybe even living under quarantine and waiting to be free again). We‘re exhausted. And discouraged.

We’re never going to work hard enough to “arrive” at anything that satisfies us. Instead of being people who strive for a future that will always turn up empty, what if we were people that invest fully wherever we call “home” right now? If we trusted that the Lord has brought us to this place, on this day, equipped to do His work?
This is for sure: His will for you doesn’t start tomorrow, and your worth isn’t found once you’ve “arrived“. The best opportunities we have to change the world, spread the gospel, and impact our communities come from the investments we make in the people right in front of us. It’s not always huge. The Lord sanctifies us through our day-to-day. The mundane matters to eternity.


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