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Meet Handstolearn

Hi! I'm Angel, the artist behind Handstolearn.

I'm passionate about the people, places, and moments in our lives that have been woven together to create the fabric of who we are. I want to help you share your story with the people around you. From lettering and watercolor on your wedding day, to pieces full of truth in your home, your story is important. Let's share it together.

Every piece in my shop was designed in order to serve as an encouragement, a testament, or an anchor as to where we’ve been, where we are, or where we’re going. My desire is to have you bring these pieces to your home to cover your walls and hang on your shelves and sit your cupboards, mixed into your everyday. And that as you see them, they would inspire you to think deeply about what they represent and how those things have changed your life for the better so that you can point to them and say to the hearts around you, “this is my story.”


If you're curious about my shop name, it actually came from the Mumford and Sons song, Below My Feet. I really loved Mumford in college (still do) and loved the line, "keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn." I see the beauty in keeping my eyes fixed on serving - Christ first, along with my community. As I use my hands to create, I learn more about the one who created me.


Let's create something together!