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MONTROSE PENNSYLVANIA || Handpainted Watercolor Map Print

MONTROSE PENNSYLVANIA || Handpainted Watercolor Map Print

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My latest stack of Nancy Drew books needed to be finished by Thursday night when we’d drive to the Library and I’d trade them in for new.
Every Sunday, we had lunch at OIP before our visit with Grandma and Grandpa at their nursing home.
That Bible conference held my 11th grade church banquet when I wore my long blue dress, and that courthouse has seen my heaviest tears.
That’s my Montrose story. We all create maps in our mind of the places we’ve been by the experiences we’ve had in them. What's your Montrose Story?

Let’s celebrate the places we love.

This map was watercolored by hand by Angel Groves and printed on 8 x 10 inch sturdy 80lb cardstock to frame on your wall.

Looking for this printed on a tea towel? 
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