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Hi, I'm Angel!

I'm the artist behind all things Handstolearn and I'm here to use my art to help you share the story of your life with the people in it.

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Hand-lettered home decor including watercolor map prints, tea towels, mugs, canvas banners, and more. All full of rich meaning that ties us back to our homes and our stories.

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I love using my artwork to share your story, and your wedding day is one of the most personal. From invitation suites to custom lettering and portraits, let's create something together.



The most meaningful pieces are the ones that you are a part of customizing from start to finish. From fabric family portraits, to watercolor maps of your hometown, to linen pillowcases painted with your very own home, we can share your story together.

Let's create!

Let's share your story together.

From fabric family portraits, to watercolor maps of your hometown, to linen pillowcases painted with your very own home:


the why

I just opened my Grace mug and your packaging is beautiful, but the card and message describing the story behind the mug has me too emotional to speak! We don't give ourselves the right to the grace that God freely gives and I hope my sisters think of the message whenever they drink from their new mugs.


In the few months leading up to our wedding, my fiance and I were struggling through job loss and housing difficulties. Quickly learning to trust the Lord, Psalm 139 became a very important passage to us. I asked Angel to create a banner with that scripture on it for our new home, and I gave it to my husband when we moved in. We both cried, and it will be such a wonderful memorial to the Lord in our house. Thank you so much for making my dream a reality.


I ordered your Grace Mug for a professor at my grad school who I've become close to and who constantly talks about God's grace. I gave it to her today and she absolutely loved it and said it's going to be her morning mug now! Thank you for using your gift for God's glory.


I bought these mugs as Christmas gifts and they were so loved by the recipients! The mug itself is a beautiful quality and a perfect size. And, it is so sweet to be able to give a gift that was intentionally crafted/designed and that gives a message for them to dwell on while they use it. Thanks for creating such a meaningful product Angel!